Reviews of Life and Secrets of Almina Canarvon

Book Launch : Newport, Gwent, Wednesday 20 July 2011

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The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon

By William Cross, FSA Scot


Latest News : Second Edition of

The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon

 From 15 September 2011

The Only Full Length Biography of  Almina the 5th Countess of Carnarvon 


New Second Edition

The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon 


Published 15 September 2011 

The Only Full Length  Biography of Almina, Countess of Carnarvon 

The Only Biography You Need!

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What the Papers Say……                               

“an explosive new biography of Highclere’s chatelaine…”

“a rigorously-researched account which itself is worthy of a film!”                     Christopher Wilson in The Daily Telegraph


”Almina enjoyed looking after invalids……She loved having control over men. She was an arch-manipulator……”. Annabel Venning in The Daily Mail.

“The biography is the definitive work documenting Almina’s life.  Such is the depth of research that it is likely to retain this accolade forever.” 

“………..make sure you read the Epilogue…..  It is potentially the most explosive part of the book.     Kate Phizackerley